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The Chemical Abuse Research Education (CARE) project

...supporting healthy communities across Wyoming

Free Resources For Teachers, Parents, Mental Health Providers, Group Leaders, School Counselors, Children, Youth Workers

WyoCARE is funded by a grant from the Wyoming Department of Health, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services Division. WyoCARE, the Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research and Violence Prevention Education Program is a prevention, education and treatment oriented program coordinated through the Social Work Division at the University of Wyoming.

We house and disseminate numerous resources. So when you make an order in our inventory make sure to select the number you would like to have sent to you. If you don't, your order defaults to 1 and then it will be delayed as we will have to contact you to confirm your order quantity. Our mission is to provide free educational resources, research and training opportunities regarding substance abuse and prevention, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, mental and physical health, sleep apnea and snoring remedies as well as treatment information to citizens throughout Wyoming. If your topic or need is not mentioned, please still contact us and we will do our best to provide a helpful service regardless. Our efforts are to support healthy living across communities in this great state.

Our resources for disbursal include publications from a national clearinghouse for alcohol and drug information as well as numerous purchased resources. This combination allows for a more diverse and informative library to support Wyoming's service providers, care givers, families, and more!  Our targeted population for WyoCARE is geared toward educators, counselors, prevention specialists, health care providers, treatment professionals, community advocates, law enforcement, parents and children. Please share this resource with others that may benefit from WyoCARE services.

The Chemical Abuse Research Education (CARE) project provides substance abuse and violence prevention information, education opportunities, consultation and research support to the communities and citizens of the State of Wyoming.

Although WyoCARE’s primary audience is Wyoming’s citizens, we may be able to provide information to others. We reserve the right and will limit the types and numbers of print material to those outside Wyoming borders. We do not loan video tapes (DVD’s) outside of Wyoming.

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