Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research Education

About WyoCARE

The Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research and violence prevention Education (WyoCARE) Program, is coordinated through the College of Health Science's Division of Social Work at the University of Wyoming. It provides technical assistance to schools and community mental health agencies in the state. WyoCare is funded by grants from the State Department of Health Substance Abuse Division.

WyoCARE was started in 1989 at which time it acquired a large collection of commercial drug and alcohol prevention curricula. Since the beginning, WyoCARE has expanded significantly in the amount of materials offered. WyoCARE Program has in the past been deemed a Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource (RADAR) Clearinghouse in Wyoming. We disseminate publications from NCADI and SAMHSA. We also maintain a library of materials and videos for loan. The program has expanded to offer trainings in the state on drug, alcohol and violence research, prevention, and intervention as well as offer support for presentation, conference, and research consultation. Recently WyoCARE has launched an e-course entitled Ethics and the Self that can be used to gain 8 FREE contact hours and support the state's guideline for professional licensure of having at least one ethics course completed for licensure renewal.

Although WyoCARE's primary audience is Wyoming's citizens, we can at times provide information to others. We reserve the right and will limit the types and numbers of print material to those inside and outside of Wyoming borders. We do not loan video tapes outside of Wyoming.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chemical Abuse Research, Education and Violence Prevention (CARE) Project is to provide substance abuse, wellness, and prevention information, education opportunities, and research support to the communities and citizens of the state of Wyoming.


Care Values, Public Awareness, Education, Communication Sharing, Community Collaboration, Cross Discipline Training, and Integration Of Services.

Goals & Objectives

The Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research Education and Violence Prevention Program seeks to meet the following goals.

  • Dissemination of information about alcohol, drugs and violence prevention through increasing the WyoCARE video, curriculum, and book libraries; collection of additional violence prevention materials; obtaining and distributing additional information concerning Wyoming's current issues and efforts in prevention and reducing violence and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
  • Expansion of WyoCARE's ability to coordinate workshop and consultation opportunities with the inclusion of statewide training and promotion of successful state programs. Further purpose will be to disseminate materials that promote wellness through awareness of alternatives to drugs, alcohol, and violence as well as information on program assessment, evaluation and provide the opportunities to connect providers and citizens across the state.
  • Complete creation and continued maintenance of the free public access WyoCARE website that provides state, national and global prevention resources, schedules of events, links and consultation for continuing education and for research as well as free opportunities for continuing education.

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