Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research Education

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AVAILABLE COURSES:(Click on course titles to access each course)
Ethics and the Self (8 contact hours available)

Ethics UPDATE #1 (1 contact hour available)

Ethics UPDATE #2 (1 contact hour available)

Ethics UPDATE #3 (1 contact hour available)


Thank you for showing interest in furthering your education and refining your professional skills. Continued education is an ethical and moral responsibility for all providers, regardless of the discipline in which you specialize. Currently, these CEU courses are free, however in the future these courses may have a small fee attached to them in order to provide continued monetary resources to WyoCARE so that additional resources may be provided across the state. To begin, click on the title of the course you are interested in completing. Then, begin working on the course. Make sure to read everything provided and this includes going to any provided links as well.

In many courses these links may be articles, videos from the internet, other documents, assessments, etc. These links will be partially responsible for offering this learning experience to be experiential.

After you have completed the informational portion of the course, scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see the quiz for the specific course that you have finished. For example, the bottom of the page may read Ethics and Self Quiz. When you get to this point, answer each question and then cut and paste the entire quiz portion into an e-mail.

E-mail your responses to wyocare@uwyo.edu. In the e-mail, please include how you would like your certificate to read (ex. Johnna Carlene Nunez, Ph.D., LPC). We will send you a certificate for your CEUs in the mail as soon as possible.

If you have further questions or need more guidance, feel free to e-mail or call the WyoCARE staff at wyocare@uwyo.edu , or by calling (307) 766-4119.

WyoCARE is funded and made possible through grants by Wyoming’s Department of Health’s Substance Abuse/Mental Health Division.