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"WyoCARE has found a new home, in more than one way. We have even had time to settle into a new space that is off-campus. We are also now housed under the umbrella of the College of Health Sciences and the Social Work Deptment at the University of Wyoming. We are active and happy to help support treatment, education, and prevention in whatever manner we are able. One way of doing this is by providing a free e-course entitled Ethics and the Self. You are able to access this course from WyoCARE's home page and gain 8 contact hours for FREE! Thank you for letting us support you and healthier communities across Wyoming."

                                                                      --Johnna Nunez Ph.D.                                                      

                                                                         WyoCARE  Director                            


WyoCARE maintains an extensive collection of diverse materials including but not limited to:

· Alcohol Prevention, Abuse and Treatment including Binge Drinking
· Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment including Meth, Cocaine,Marijuana, Hallucinogenic Drugs,    

· Mental Health: Depression, Stress Management, Anger Management, Parenting, Mental Health Disorders
· Tobacco Prevention & Cessation
· Pregnancy Prevention & Health
· Children & Adolescent Issues: Alcohol, Peer Pressure, Say No to Drugs, Anger Management,
· Sexually Transmitted Diseases
· Sexual Assault & Acquaintance Rape
· Domestic Violence
· Aging and Care giving

· Diversity
· Suicide
· Women & Infants
· Wyoming Tobacco Quit Services


WyoCARE materials are available in various formats including but not limited to:

·Activity Sheets and Booklets
·Presentation Materials
·Pocket Cards
·Quit Cards

WyoCARE is also able to consult with you regarding research  and preparation of training sessions, presentations, and conferences. Shoot us an e-mail and share with us your needs. We look forward to doing our best to help you out. We may also refer you to others that may be a beneficial resource if your need is beyond our capabilities.




Click Here to browse the WyoCARE inventory