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Fungus Hack Reviews: Healthy Nails in a Matter of Weeks!

Fungus Hack is designed to lower the possibility of infectious diseases of nail bodies (including fungus and yeast infections). One of the most widespread complications the dietary aid fights is onychomycosis, a fungi infection of the nail plate, nail bed, or both of them simultaneously. In all countries of the world, it’s one of the most globally-spread health conditions of the skin and its appendages.

The share of fungal infection is about 50% of the entire pathology of the nail apparatus. According to different researchers, the frequency of detection of onychomycosis in the population ranges from 3 to 26%. According to the WHO, every fifth inhabitant of our planet suffers from onychomycosis, while it is onychomycosis that accounts for the main labor losses due to temporary disability among infectious skin lesions. Such a high prevalence of fungal nail infection makes it possible to consider onychomycosis as one of the most pressing problems in world health.

The spread of onychomycosis largely depends on climatic and social conditions, age, sex, profession, concomitant diseases, and other factors:

  1. Climate. Fungal infections of toenails are more common in countries with temperate and cold climates, where people wear tight shoes that create favorable conditions for the development of infection, as well as in tropical and subtropical countries, which are facilitated by high ambient temperatures and high humidity.
  2. Age. Fungal nail diseases are rarely detected in childhood. These are mainly children with severe somatic diseases. Onychomycosis is observed mainly in middle-aged and elderly people. However, in recent years, their prevalence has increased among adolescents. It is believed that the incidence of onychomycosis increases with age 2.5 times every 10 years and increases from 3% in children and adolescents to 50% in the elderly. This is facilitated by a decrease in the growth rate of the nail plates, a violation of the trophism of the nail bed, angiopathy. Also, an increase in the number of patients with onychomycosis with the age of patients is associated with a decrease in immunity arising under the influence of deteriorating ecology and environmental hygiene, the widespread use of antibiotics and immunosuppressants in the treatment of visceral pathology, which negatively affect the natural resistance of the microorganism to mycotic infection.
  3. Gender. Men suffer from onychomycosis 1.5-3 times more often than women, but women are more likely to see a doctor.
  4. Occupation. Onychomycosis is more often recorded in residents of large industrial cities than in those in rural areas. The type of activity is of great importance in the epidemiology of onychomycosis: for example, fungal infection is more often detected in miners, metallurgical workers, technical personnel of nuclear power plants, which is due to various harmful factors of these types of production (dustiness, gas pollution, high temperature, ionizing radiation, etc.). The group of “strategic risk” of fungal infection also includes employees of public baths, showers, laundries, service personnel of medical institutions (massage therapists, orthopedists, etc.), rest homes, as well as patients with foot hyperhidrosis, relatives of patients with onychomycosis or mycosis of the feet, persons over 50-60 years of age. It is also necessary to highlight athletes, in particular swimmers, and military personnel.
  5. Accompanying illnesses. The main factors predisposing to onychomycosis are peripheral angiopathies (venous insufficiency, Raynaud’s syndrome, lymphostasis), obesity, various foot deformities, diabetes mellitus, in which the incidence rises to 30%. Various immunodeficiency states also contribute to the development of fungal infections. Thus, in AIDS patients, the skin and nails are contaminated with fungal flora 5 times more often than in people without HIV infection. The risk of developing onychomycosis is high in patients taking corticosteroid medications, cytostatics, and antibiotics.

The treatment of onychomycosis is a complex problem. It is necessary to understand that the treatment will be long and require maximum effort from patients. The current principle of the treatment of onychomycosis is the use of products aimed at destroying or inhibiting the reproduction of the etiological agent – a pathogenic fungus in the affected nails. And that’s exactly what Fungus Hack proposes!

Fungus Hack: What Is It?

Generally speaking, Fungus Hack is a hundred-percent organic solution for supporting nail plates in a healthy condition. It not only improves the appearance of (toe)nails but also prevents their various infections. The supplement offers its consumers the following properties:

  • The dietic aid decreases the build-up of bacteria, yeasts, and fungus.
  • Fungus Hack inhibits the spread of infections.
  • It improves the condition of the skin.
  • It makes toenails smoother, shinier, and evener.
  • Fungus Hack promotes the growth of nail bodies.
  • The supplement alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • It supports immunity.
  • It removes a bad odor from (toe)nails.

Main Components

You can be certain Fungus Hack is all-natural! It does not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, sugar, dairy products, sodium, yeast, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. The potent formula contains the next:

Oregano oil

The ingredient provides antioxidative and antibacterial properties, nourishes the organism with essential minerals and vitamins.

Cymbopogon citratus

It eases pain, skin irritation and redness, swelling. It reduces oxidative stress and promotes the healing process.


The component gets rid of toxins and free radicals, reverses cell damages, and promotes cellular regeneration.

Olive leaf extract

It alleviates an inflammatory state, promotes immunity, and detoxifies the organism.

Fungus Hack: Dosing

As the dietary supplement is made in the form of gelatin-covered capsules, it can be easily taken with a glass of water. Fungus Hack is recommended to be used in 2 pills a day at any time you’re comfortable. Just do not miss intakes!

What’s the Price for the Dietary Aid? Where to Find It?

Like most dietary products, Fungus Hack is sold in three package variants:

  • one bottle – 69 dollars;
  • a three-bottle pack – 59 dollars a unit (177 dollars in total);
  • a six-bottle option – 49 dollars a unit (294 dollars in total).

The mentioned variants are available through the original manufacturer’s site only. Purchasing the dietary supplement from the company, you will also receive a 6-month full refund guarantee. It can be claimed without additional questions from the support team within exactly 180 days upon the delivery date.

Fungus Hack: Possible Side Reactions

As of today, there are no adverse effects have been found and/or reported. Fungus Hack is absolutely safe to consume on a daily basis. It won’t cause any harm to your organism and/or develop tolerance.


The dietary product is meant for adult patients only! It can’t be consumed by underage people, mothers-to-be, breastfeeding women, and hypersensitive consumers. Also, make sure you do not exceed the suggested dosage. In the case of overdose, you may experience:

  • sickness;
  • vomiting;
  • indigestion;
  • dizziness;
  • tiredness;
  • epigastric burning.

Noticing any of these signs, you should stop taking the dietary product for at least 24 hours and drink plenty of water.

What Do People Say About Fungus Hack?

I ordered it for my father, who has a perennial fungus on the skin of his feet. It did not particularly bother, but it did not really respond to treatment either. He’s been using Fungus Hack for three weeks: it seems to help a little, the itching decreases. I think you need to take it for a long time to see obvious results.

Kadeem Willis

I had a fungus on the nails, they began to constantly break at the root, seemed to be crumbly, cracked. I cannot look at my hands without tears. I found this supplement on the site, based on the reviews, I decided to try it. The result did not keep you waiting long, about 3 weeks of use, it seemed like my nails slowly began to regrow. So far, I like it.

Mary Koch

I read the reviews and decided to give Fungus Hack a try. The problem has been around for a long time. Pharmacy products (ointments, gels, varnishes) are ineffective, I don’t really want to poison myself with medications. I bought this supplement, not really hoping for a positive result, but (!) after 2 weeks of use, I noticed a positive trend. I will continue taking the supplement further.

Zachary Griffith

I did a pedicure myself and damaged the skin at the edge of my toenail. A strange white line on the nail appeared, the doctor advised me to use an anti-fungal product. I ordered this supplement and began to take it twice a day. Eventually, the stain is gone, and my nails look just like new! Recommend!

Wojciech Harvey

Really helped with the fungus on the skin of my feet! 5 out of 5!

Haiden Long

My toenail became thick, yellow, and began to crack in the middle. I bought Fungus Hack half a year ago, the fungus started to go away in 3 months. Now, almost nothing is left. The supplement works!

Ellie-May Riddle

Final Thoughts

Preventive measures for nail infections are basically the inhibition of the development of the disease in those who have not yet been ill (primary prevention), and in those who are sick and receiving treatment – to prevent its recurrence or recurrence (secondary prevention). Primary personal prevention measures include personal hygiene, nail care, elimination or compensation of risk factors, prophylactic use of local antimycotics when visiting public areas, and timely detection and treatment of mycosis of the feet. And in this matter, a completely organic supplement, Fungus Hack, attracts attention.

This dietary product is great in all regards: from its health effects to price ranges. Just check all the pros down below!


  • The dietic aid decreases the accumulation and growth of bacteria, yeasts, and fungus.
  • Fungus Hack inhibits the spread of infectious diseases.
  • It improves skin condition.
  • It makes toenail bodies shinier, smoother, and evener.
  • Fungus Hack promotes the growth of nail plates.
  • The naturopathic product alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • It promotes the human defense system.
  • It removes a bad odor from (toe)nails.
  • Fungus Hack does not provoke adverse effects and/or develop tolerance.
  • Purchasing the dietic aid from the official manufacturer, you receive a 6-month full refund guarantee.
  • Fungus Hack is sold in three packaging options at discounted prices.


  • The dietic product can be ordered online only.

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