Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research Education

                                    WyoCARE Staff

WyoCARE currently employs Brooke Snyder as an assistant. Brooke has been with WyoCARE for nearly 3 years in the capacity of a volunteer. We also continue utilize a new AmeriCorps volunteer as  a service provider during the academic year. The Social Work Department also provides graduate student assistants to fulfill hours here at the WyoCARE offfice as well. Each graduate assistant and AmeriCorps volunteer support  WyoCARE’s efficiency and program outcomes by tracking inventory, managing in-coming orders, shipping and interpreting consumer surveys as well as conducting organizational promotion and outreach. Our staff is happy to help you fulfill your order needs or inquiries to the best of their ability. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this service.


Johnna Nunez Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CHt and REKI Master/Teacher is a Wyoming native. She possesses work experiences varying from a school social worker on the Wind River Indian Reservation at Wyoming Indian High School to a community mental health counselor working with children and families, foster care, and substance abuse treatment. Her research interests include but are not limited to spirituality, wellness, self-care, and holistic health. Her dissertation was completed in the area of spiritual healing and she graduated with honors from the  University of Wyoming’s Counselor Education and Supervision Program in May 2009. Johnna coordinates the day-to-day functioning of WyoCARE, maintaining fiscal responsibility as well as the vision for the future. She promotes WyoCARE, creates program elements, networks and develops training opportunities and outreach endeavors through WyoCARE.



Contact us all at [email protected] or by calling (307) 745-5131.